A vacation to the Virgin Islands

Are you ready to escape the bustle and hustle of life for a holiday? They why don’t you go for the Virgin Islands? They are situated in the Caribbean Sea with almost 60 Islands, though you will not find people in most of them. A holiday to Virgin Islands will be one that will be hard for you to forget. The terrain is quite different from other islands hence you will get beautiful scenic beauty if you travel around.


The climate is always tropical and warm. This is how the local people love it. Tourism is quite vital to these places; hence there are plenty of places to get good rooms for rent in Jost Van Dyke and it is very simple to get online travel reservations. If you select an all inclusive resort, then you will generally get luxury.

The villa rental Jost Van Dyke is a great place to rest and unwind. Try for bathing at the unique beaches you will get there. There are huge boulders all over the beaches that make up pools for the swimmers to explore. There are also many places to snorkel through the caves and rooms that the boulders form.

Jost van Dyke is the smallest among all the islands. It has a population of almost two hundred people. It is quite small, but provides an interesting trip to Diamond Cay National Park. It is a bird Sanctuary that has thousands of birds. There are reefs to snorkel here also and the trails to hike.

The biggest island is Tortola. This one has the maximum adventure and tourism to experience than any of the other islands. The Long Bay Resort takes up a whole 52 acres of island. Apart from shopping, restaurants and fitness centers, there are some great historical attractions to be checked out.


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