An enchanting vacation in British Virgin Islands awaits – try Evening Star Villa

How many times have we ever thought of taking a relaxed break from this stressful life? Right from morning till night we are battling and toiling us with the strenuous life and tackle the curve balls our everyday life throws at us.

Don’t we all deserve a much better break? The answer is yes. But where does this heaven exist?


It exists in Jost van dyke British Virgin Islands in the form of evening star villas.

Come here, lose yourself and immerse in the scenic beauty of the British Virgin Islands. You will simply long for your next stay. Our persons are simply the best and once you visit us, you will know that.

We provide a complete Jost van dyke vacation at a cost you can never imagine is possible. But, it is true. We have hordes of options, say, scuba diving, relaxing at the sides of a pool to hiking, trekking, whale watching or simply dine out in a scenic location.

Of course, the choice is completely yours.

Switch off your mobile phones, come out from the hassles of your day-to-day life, experience what it is to break-free.

Once you enter into our zone, the rest is taken care of. Right from an undisputed hospitality to feel good ambience, everything is at your bay. Our experienced people are always present to help you, guide you in each and every walk of your vacation. Your role is to only enjoy your holidays.

Please feel free to give a glance at the various options we have and if you want to book a trip, you can always contact in person. Otherwise, you can just fill a short form on the contact page. Since our tours are always in demand; we have a ‘first come first serve’ basis. So, please book the trips well in advance.


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