Choose the Best Hotel and Restaurant for Vacation at Caribbean Island

If you are looking for some place where you can spend your next holiday then do not think any more. Make a decision for an ideal trip to the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. These islands are nothing but a group of British idyllic islands. You can find around sixty islands and surprisingly enough a number of islands here; among them some are still not developed. There is no doubt about the fact that Islands travel is an outstanding experience in itself. Tortola, Virgin Gordon, Aneroid and Jost Van Dyke are the four main islands of this group. Throughout the year the climate of these islands tends to be Tropical.


Services Provided By Eveningstarvilla:-

  • You must prefer such a beautiful climate trip for their services they provide. Although the islands are often visible from one another over, they are surprisingly serving the best British Virgin Islands Bed and Breakfast for you in different ways. Their villa is lively and developed, with a strong and unique local culture of music and dance, and with excellent hotels and restaurants. It is just because of numerous businesses and educational institutions of all over the world are opened their branches in these islands that definitely increases the standard much more.

Choose their British Virgin Islands Hotel that can definitely make the difference in your vacation experience. Many travelers assume the islands of the Caribbean are all the same, with great beaches, plenty of sun and warm turquoise waters. They offer a perfect place to take time out and relax. The geography and climate in also varies region from one place to another, giving the vacationer a variety of destination choices. They provide the climate of the region mainly ranges between sub-tropical to tropical and depends a great deal upon location in proximity to the trade winds from the Atlantic.


Choose the Best Hotel at Virgin Island for your Vacation Tour

One place that is definitely worthy of being your coming beach vacation is the British Virgin Islands. This sunny oasis is essential as it covers beautiful presents of the Caribbean Sea.


The natural surrounding has been fortunate enough to receive the best beaches voted by the Caribbean travel and life review.

Exclusive Scenery of Resort:-

  • Jost Van Dyke offers unique beauty and serenity without the rush and animation of neighboring islands. Its stainless beaches, incredible scenery, peaceful lifestyle and refreshing simplicity will be defined in your mind long after your vacation is over. They are happy to provide British Virgin Islands bed and breakfast, self-service, in Gazebo overlooking the cerulean water of the Caribbean, 8:30-10:30AM. The perfect escape after a day at the beach is nice and quiet at the top of all places that rising to paint the evening beautifully, but there are always other choices just down the hill if you prefer.
  • This small resort offers some of the most panoramic water views, regardless of your direction. To the North, the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, South, and the Caribbean Sea dotted with the eminence of neighboring islands, east, and the island of Sandy Spit’s white sandy beach and to the South, Tortola, St. John and St. Thomas, the British and American Virgins are furnishing by nature.

Enjoy your comfortable and tastefully appointed unit of star villa on the British Virgin Islands Hotel. It has a luxurious bedroom, with satellite TV, dock station for your favorite music, local phone service, modern furnishings with local art, and a completely outfitted kitchen, etc. The little shelter directly seen from North balconies, one fishing little harbor, the map above shows the roads and trails on the island, etc. from your corner of accommodation view.

British Virgin Islands: Enjoy Jost Van Dyke, the Heaven on Water

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands is as affluent in nature as it is in natural beauty. One of the most famous day tour and overnight destinations in the Virgin Islands. The Jost Van Dyke remains to be the focus of endless Caribbean boat-based vacation. With many of the Island formations, try to be calm and relax. Fix your watch according to “Island Time” or you are confident to get discouraged with service that many travelers realize that it is slightly slow. Lessen your pulse-rate with the fabulous scenes and order an energetic local drink until your main course have finally arrived.

Three Favorite Spots in White Bay :

One Love: This is a pleasant beach restaurant with an exciting menu. The continuous choices are the lobster quesa dillas, ribs and fish sandwiches. If you are lucky, then you can be a part of live music to make your full day complete and perfect.

Gertrudes Beach Bar: It will be another wonderful choice for appetizing Island eats. Both the prawn and chicken are the best options. Mango chutney goes amazingly with the simple curry taste and that feels like delicious and flavorful.

Soggy Dollar Bar: The most popular stop. This is named so because many of the patrons swim on the shore from boats and get their dollars wet. The creativity of the well-known “Painkiller drink” is the Soggy Dollar’s claim to dignity. The Painkiller is generally made from dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple and juice of orange. This beautiful, appropriately named concoction that is also possible in banana and vanilla flavors. While the food at Soggy Dollar is of exceptional quality, most noticeably, the fish, chips and conch squanders. It is usually a good idea to eat in the less crowded places like One Love or Gertrudes and save the Soggy Dollar for drinking and watching people in your Jost Van Dyke Vacation.

Plan for a Virgin’s Island Holiday

If you’re looking for some place where you’ll be able to spend your next holiday then don’t think any further. Just plan for a perfect tour to British Virgin Islands hotel in the Caribbean Sea! These islands are nothing but a bunch of British idyllic islands. You may find around sixty islands and surprisingly enough various islands among them are still not inhabited. There’s little doubt regarding the fact that island travel is an excellent experience in itself.

Tortola, Virgin Gordan, Aneroid and Josy Van Dyke are the four main islands of this group. Throughout the year, the climate of those islands tends to be Tropical. Tourists favour such a pretty climate for his or her trip to the Virgin Islands. The life-style of this place is more elite than the rest of the Caribbean islands, simply because of various business and educational institutions from all across the world opening their branch ion these islands that undoubtedly will increase the standard much more.

Tourism is a crucial a part of its economic structure. Due to this fact you’ll be able to find out various all inclusive resorts in these islands. Such resorts completely make your stay unforgettable. Luxury Resort Island assures excellent stay with the ultimate convenience amenity and relaxation with an assured an accommodation of utmost comfort and stress-free. Not only is that near to these lodging amenities is a wide array of fine dining restaurants and clubs.

Almost all the luxurious resorts in Virgin Islands suggest enticing all-inclusive packages and simultaneously they’re very confusing and also for the unknown tourist. These islands with its Caribbean beauty can ensure an incredible experience through Virgin Islands holiday.

An enchanting vacation in British Virgin Islands awaits – try Evening Star Villa

How many times have we ever thought of taking a relaxed break from this stressful life? Right from morning till night we are battling and toiling us with the strenuous life and tackle the curve balls our everyday life throws at us.

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It exists in Jost van dyke British Virgin Islands in the form of evening star villas.

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We provide a complete Jost van dyke vacation at a cost you can never imagine is possible. But, it is true. We have hordes of options, say, scuba diving, relaxing at the sides of a pool to hiking, trekking, whale watching or simply dine out in a scenic location.

Of course, the choice is completely yours.

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Once you enter into our zone, the rest is taken care of. Right from an undisputed hospitality to feel good ambience, everything is at your bay. Our experienced people are always present to help you, guide you in each and every walk of your vacation. Your role is to only enjoy your holidays.

Please feel free to give a glance at the various options we have and if you want to book a trip, you can always contact in person. Otherwise, you can just fill a short form on the contact page. Since our tours are always in demand; we have a ‘first come first serve’ basis. So, please book the trips well in advance.

Spend your vacation at Villa Rentals in Jost Van Dyke

Are you planning for a holiday? Why don’t you choose a virgin land? Enjoying a holiday in a virgin land will give you more satisfaction than anything else because you are far from all types of hustles and bustles of streets and chaos and you will enjoy the peace in a great manner. The choice Jost Van Dyke British Virgin Islands is a great place to enjoy and you will get the more prominent result. It is just the right choice for you and you will get a major feedback. This spot is really good for you for vacation and you will enjoy a great time.


Villa Rentals in Jost Van Dyke are available in large numbers. Booking these villas will actually make your travel more spontaneous and effective. You should always choose the right villa as per the strength of the traveler and you will pay the price for the exact booking. You will not waste any money and you can get more impact and this will actually give you a great happiness. So, what are you waiting for? These villa rentals are just the right choice for you and you can smartly choose the right one.

The booking is available online and it will give you ample of time to book the rooms for the best result. The booking takes place through online which saves time and money and you will definitely choose the right way to book the ticket and get the genuine report. The villas are well maintained, smart, attractive and well organized. You can use it for the number of days you are staying without much problem. This will actually give you a better way to spend your vacation and you can enjoy the freedom in a smart way. This is just the right choice for you to enjoy and be happy.

A vacation to the Virgin Islands

Are you ready to escape the bustle and hustle of life for a holiday? They why don’t you go for the Virgin Islands? They are situated in the Caribbean Sea with almost 60 Islands, though you will not find people in most of them. A holiday to Virgin Islands will be one that will be hard for you to forget. The terrain is quite different from other islands hence you will get beautiful scenic beauty if you travel around.


The climate is always tropical and warm. This is how the local people love it. Tourism is quite vital to these places; hence there are plenty of places to get good rooms for rent in Jost Van Dyke and it is very simple to get online travel reservations. If you select an all inclusive resort, then you will generally get luxury.

The villa rental Jost Van Dyke is a great place to rest and unwind. Try for bathing at the unique beaches you will get there. There are huge boulders all over the beaches that make up pools for the swimmers to explore. There are also many places to snorkel through the caves and rooms that the boulders form.

Jost van Dyke is the smallest among all the islands. It has a population of almost two hundred people. It is quite small, but provides an interesting trip to Diamond Cay National Park. It is a bird Sanctuary that has thousands of birds. There are reefs to snorkel here also and the trails to hike.

The biggest island is Tortola. This one has the maximum adventure and tourism to experience than any of the other islands. The Long Bay Resort takes up a whole 52 acres of island. Apart from shopping, restaurants and fitness centers, there are some great historical attractions to be checked out.