British Virgin Islands: Enjoy Jost Van Dyke, the Heaven on Water

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands is as affluent in nature as it is in natural beauty. One of the most famous day tour and overnight destinations in the Virgin Islands. The Jost Van Dyke remains to be the focus of endless Caribbean boat-based vacation. With many of the Island formations, try to be calm and relax. Fix your watch according to “Island Time” or you are confident to get discouraged with service that many travelers realize that it is slightly slow. Lessen your pulse-rate with the fabulous scenes and order an energetic local drink until your main course have finally arrived.

Three Favorite Spots in White Bay :

One Love: This is a pleasant beach restaurant with an exciting menu. The continuous choices are the lobster quesa dillas, ribs and fish sandwiches. If you are lucky, then you can be a part of live music to make your full day complete and perfect.

Gertrudes Beach Bar: It will be another wonderful choice for appetizing Island eats. Both the prawn and chicken are the best options. Mango chutney goes amazingly with the simple curry taste and that feels like delicious and flavorful.

Soggy Dollar Bar: The most popular stop. This is named so because many of the patrons swim on the shore from boats and get their dollars wet. The creativity of the well-known “Painkiller drink” is the Soggy Dollar’s claim to dignity. The Painkiller is generally made from dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple and juice of orange. This beautiful, appropriately named concoction that is also possible in banana and vanilla flavors. While the food at Soggy Dollar is of exceptional quality, most noticeably, the fish, chips and conch squanders. It is usually a good idea to eat in the less crowded places like One Love or Gertrudes and save the Soggy Dollar for drinking and watching people in your Jost Van Dyke Vacation.